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About Us

Johnny Eastridge - Owner & CEO
Johnny Eastridge- Owner & CEO of Eastridge Plumbing Company Inc. Johnny Eastridge is a (Non-Restricted) Master Plumber (License # MP006952) with over 40+ years experience in the plumbing industry. Eastridge Plumbing is a quality family owned and operated company providing you with the best plumbing services around. Johnny will always provide you with an Industry written estimate before any work begins, ensuring you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Eastridge Plumbing has been servicing Atlanta and the surrounding counties of Georgia with trustworthy & dependable services since 1996. We offer fast quality plumbing services to each and every customer. We have excellent relationships with several major vendors throughout the Atlanta area and Eastridge Plumbing can design and build facilitites such as Medical Offices, Restauraunts and Retail tentant build outs. Johnny Eastridge will provide you with service unlike any of the other larger plumbing services because he is the owner! You absolutely matter as a customer and he will make sure you are completely satisfied with the work completed.

Service and Repairs Our Clients
No project is too big or too small for our company to handle. Below are just a few types of service & repair work we offer.
Water Heater Repair
Gas Line Repair
Broken Water Lines
Install All Plumbing Fixtures
Drain Cleaning
Bath & Kitchen Remodeling
New Construction
Polybutylene Replacement
+ much more!

Best Plumber in Kennesaw, Georgia. Call Eastridge Plumbing for a Free Estimate Today at 770-516-2977
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